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Introducing Google Workspace from Google Cloud. A pack of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are or from where they work.

The Google workspace platform is as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. Want to add a new employee? 10 seconds from login to account ready. Want to add more storage for an email box, 10 seconds? Put someone on legal hold, 20 seconds. Want to create a work group, done in a few clicks. Need tech support less than 24 hours to get a response. But what if you want to terminate an employee and keep their mailbox for archive purposes and not keep paying for a license for a terminated user?

Kre8iveminds is an authorised Google workspace partner and reseller in Australia (formerly G Suite) to assist you with set-up, migration and deployment. Choose Workspace for collaboration and productivity today.